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  1. Plural of railcar

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Railcars is a San Francisco-based indie rock group and the brain-child of singer-songwriter Aria C Jalali. After releasing an EP on Filthy Little Angels records in 2006 , Jalali gained notoriety for the fact that his music was self produced. Railcars incorporates songs from Jalali's solo career with new material and a full studio and live band. Biljana Mirkovski plays guitar, Shaw Waters plays bass, and Dasha Bulatova plays keyboards and glockenspiel, according to the band's MySpace. Railcars' music is described as having "pastel-coloured vocals suitably warped, but with a low-cut frenetic backdrop surrounding them."
Railcars is currently at work on their first full-length album, Cities and Submarines. It has been rumored to release in the summer of 2008, following the release of an EP by the same name.


  • Upcoming: Cities and Submarines 7" Vinyl (Gold Robot Records)
  • 2007: Postmodernism! EP 7" Vinyl (FLA Records (UK))


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